Our Mission

Our mission at Veritas Medical Real Estate is to provide exceptional real estate advisory services to physicians and medical groups based on the core principles of Truth, Integrity and Hard Work.

Medical Real Estate
Advisory Services

Would you go to court without an attorney? Probably not. The same holds true when evaluating commercial real estate opportunities for your medical practice. Buying, selling, leasing or developing property can be a complex process with many unforeseen roadblocks. Most of these transactions will be one of the largest expenses on a medical practice’s balance sheet. Assistance with making the most informed real estate decision from an experienced company will save you from making costly mistakes with your time and money.

Veritas has all of the capabilities necessary to represent you through each stage of a commercial transaction. Put your trust in Veritas.

Our Capabilities

Operating Expense Review
Lease Review
Development Services
Lease vs. Own
Efficiency Assessments
Deal Financial Analysis
Market, Demographic &
Competition Analysis

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